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Personal Power Training within Psychic Mediumship


We Are All Born Mediums

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New & Exclusive to Accolade Academy– Personal Power Training within Psychic Mediumship

Individual Power Sessions designed to work to your unique strengths, eliminate weaknesses, grow your abilities in the areas you wish to work and most importantly bring you to your most powerful positive confident self to deliver evidential mediumship like never before.

Our unique Personal Power Training (PPT) includes the following

  • Build your personal confidence within yourself and your work
  • Obtain stronger evidence
  • Become more detailed within your delivery
  • Know the differences in the types of evidence – I.E. Fact based Vs Emotional Evidence and how to work with each
  • Become confident in the areas you feel you lack
  • Learn coping strategies when things go wrong
  • Recognise your own symbolism
  • Concentrate fully in the areas you wish to excel in
  • And much more….

These PPT sessions are solely for you, working with your individuality! You are the tool within your work and you are unique, therefore your Power Hours will be moulded to suit your needs. You are the tool!

Singular one hour power Intensive mediumship coaching appointment 

Our singular one hour power appointments are for the busy but yet invested minded psychic medium. Your high performance developing power hour is the perfect “prepare and activate” filter to maintaining focus and a high quality momentum to your mediumship quality and delivery, weather hobbyist or professional - £100 GBP

Four one hour Intensive Mediumship power self-investment Training 

Four one hour weekly “power coaching” programme – designed to inject a quick return of confidence and a return of clarity and quality to your spiritual work as a whole, focusing on a singular alpha specific module and area of your development/mediumship/career – £360 GBP

Eight one hour Personal Power Training

Eight one hour weekly “sustain your spiritual power and quality of mediumship coaching” programme - designed to focus on several pre-selected areas of your spiritual work and evidential delivery, and introduce a micro intense rebuild to each of the selected areas that will increase your invested value, talent, skill and above all personal and professional confidence within your work for a greater platform to attract profiting success and continued quality to your spiritual growth - £720 GBP

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