Authors, radio hosts and professional psychic mediums Rev.Paul and Rev.Debrah Rees have between them twenty years of professional working experience, the husband and wife’s joint working career has taken their psychic mediumship teachings, mediumship demonstrating skills and one to one reading consultations to students and clients all over the U.K. USA, Canada and Austria to many of the familiar Spiritualist churches, independent spiritual centres, hotels and stately spiritual retreats.  

Both have been awarded one of the most prestigious awards given within the USA and Canadian Spiritualist movement, Honorary Ministers Certificates awarded to them by the Spiritual Educational Department, presented for their excellence of service for the spiritual Guidance, education and teachings given to others. 

Just released is Paul and Debs new book “We Are All Born Mediums” which has been successfully embraced by thousands of clients and students in all of their established working countries and has been highlighted by many as the book of truth, finally exposing the truth behind the teachings of psychic mediumship development, simplifying the process of self-development like never read before.

Paul and Deborah have very different backgrounds, Paul's childhood memories are of your typical welsh valley close community, where no home front doors were locked at night; everybody knew everybody and summers seem to last forever. 

Deborah’s background tells of a different story, with her late Dad being an Irish catholic, who enrolled in the priesthood in the 1950’s, condemned any thoughts of spirit within her childhood upbringing.

She went through life not really having any direction, Debs was in and out of different employment, taking her all over the world, never feeling settled like she belonged in any one particular place, and always feeling like the outsider. 

With the invaluable experience of those days safely behind them Paul and Debs have been lovingly together since November 2004, and happily married since April 2009.

Paul and Deborah’s workshops have an instilled reputation for being very busy, and fitting in an incredible amount of practical work during your time with them, using methods of teaching that will naturally give you a simple and easy way of understanding your own psychic mediumistic development for ever, which makes for any student attending one of their Accolade Academy courses a trusting and forwarding experience. 

Paul says” everybody has a story that highlights the recognition of ones Psychic awareness, or the start of you're working career as a Psychic Medium, and I have had many experiences myself over the years, but am I any different to the everyday person I say NO, because if we all look, and really look at your years gone by, and start trusting what memories and coincidences you have encountered from unknowingly using your Psychic or mediumistic abilities, and then trust those thoughts or experiences, trying not to put logic to them, you will surprise yourself.

Our promise to you!!

It will always be Accolade's goal to direct and promote a standard of Psychic Mediumship from yesteryear that has long been missed.

Our tutors have studied, practiced and fine-tuned all our training programmes to allow for only the highest quality of tutoring possible to fit the needs of your development. Our policy is for any student who is prepared to give up his/her personal time to grow their abilities and attend Accolades training courses/workshops, enrol into any of our UMM programmes and wishes to be the best they can is deserving of our full service and after care. It does not matter to Accolade whether you are a complete novice and your wish is for your time on our courses to be one of a personal journey, or if your intentions are to become a professional worker, you will always get the same intuitive quality individual time and support from our professional tutors. 

Our head office has many thousands of student files with long histories of attending our courses; each file holds detailed notes to support all of our students assessments, workshop certificate of merits, UMM programme student work and all the UMM professional certification holders, being sure that Accolade is right up to date as to what is best for our student’s next step forward within their development needs.

Our aftercare is our priority to you and Accolade will always be at hand when you need advice as we know your development does not stop once you have left the workshop with your Accolades Wings of Achievement and Certificate of Merit, awarded to you after the successful completion of your Accolade workshop will continue to give you the longstanding trust in your advancement and each Certificate taken home is a step further forward to perfecting your personal development goals.

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