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Universal Mediumship Management (UMM)


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Accolade Academy’s UMM Programmes are designed to help you develop and trust your intuition using a universal technique curriculum from the comfort and convenience of your own home, your local Development circle/class or any other means you use for your initiative Mediumship development.  This approach to developing your psychic/mediumistic/intuitive abilities is specially designed to provide you with a well-rounded, fully comprehensive, “universal” regimen of intuitive experiences including self-reflection, journaling, recognition and growth of your personal relationship with spirit, meditation and intuitive practical exercises including mirror work, pendulum work, self-one-to-one readings, candle work and much, much more! 

Upon registering for any of the UMM Programmes, each student will receive a detailed questionnaire that will enable Accolade Academy’s founders and highly experienced tutors, Paul and Deborah Rees to build your first personalised journal which you will then submit to Accolade Academy upon completion.  Once submitted, your journals will be reviewed and assessed by Paul and Deborah, who will determine where you are in your intuitive development, and will then personally design your new journal contents to focus on your specific intuitive needs for the program you are registered for.  This means every journal will be unique to you – your personal intuitive fingerprint!

This uniquely personalised tutoring combined with a universal approach to learning, experiencing and growing your innate abilities to connect to spirit will create for you, not only a faster, smoother course of development, but also a more confident, and therefore accurate, intuitive professional practice.

You can utilise the amazing Accolade Academy UMM Programmes to steadily develop your intuitive abilities for your own personal delight and spiritual growth.  Or if you want to officially and certifiably raise the standard of your mediumship by becoming an Accolade Academy Certified Professional Medium, the UMM Certification Programme is available to you at an affordable cost, with a flexible schedule and the priceless benefit of Paul and Deborah’s guidance and tutorship. 

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