Hi and welcome to my book review page.

I have found that along with the practical teaching of mediumship, reading literature that pertain to spirituality has helped not only my mediumship but played a huge part in the growth of my own spirit.

The book reviews found here are all regarding those that I have read and found beneficial in one way or another, generally I like to write positive reviews of books that have been uplifting, loving or helpful, yet occasionally I do write a review on a book that is not helpful at all, the reason for this is because it is important to not believe and take in as a truth for yourself all of what is written as some theories are for me, a little far fetched, some even have people worrying about the afterlife and what it will be like.

 For me that just cannot be, there is enough worrying and strife for a lot of us during THIS life, without giving us hurtful, scary and untrue scenarios to read and think about for when we pass over. So I like to dispel some literature in the hope that no one carries around what I believe to be an untruth.

Yet I am always aware that my opinion may not the opinion of others.

So mainly my reviews are for those books I believe will inspire you and give you hope, that they will give you your own  power and encourage you to choose a wonderful life here for yourself and the promise of an even greater one once passed.

I do hope you like my review page and I absolutely welcome any feedback you may have on any of my reviews or books that I have recommended.

Happy reading folks.....

Debs x

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