Wow we are only 13 days away from the start of our Tour in America! We are so looking forward to it. Can't wait to be back in the land that we love! We are going to be in our favorite town Doylestown in Philadelphia, it has been two years since we were there and believe me the time has gone by so slow, feels like forever. We move then on to Massachusetts, Andover for a full weeks schedule and Boston also. Both places are wonderful. It sure is going to be a great tour :) USA here we come! Debs x


Good Monday everyone! Just a note to say we will be on tour in the USA from 3rd October, so we have just 10 days to get your reading booked in!! Otherwise it will not be until November so if you are looking to book, best to do it now - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Love Debs x


 ***NEW*** From Accolade Academy***Paul & Debs***
We currently have a development program with quality one on one tuition with myself and/or Paul. 
This program comprises of an hours one on one in-depth mediumship tuition class twice a month either in person or via Skype. Within your one to one sessions we will focus on the development of your Psychic and Mediumistic abilities, will tutor you in how to work with your innate abilities within both disciplines in a confident and professional manner. We will work with many different methods and techniques to enable you to become proficient in all areas of your psychic mediumship, you will also have unlimited emails of support to help with clarity and answer all of your questions. All for an affordable monthly investment. You will not be in a contract and can start and finish whenever you wish. Debs x

1 2 1 world


Paul and I are starting the preparation now for our American tour in September, we are just so excited!!! We have not been on tour for nearly two years now and have missed the good Ol' US of A and of course all the wonderful people that we love there. We are also of course looking forward to meeting new friends and working for Spirit :) We feel so blessed in life. Working for Spirit and being married to our soulmate - Our Anniversary is on 25th April in just 11 days woohoo! Its been 7 years already, seems like yesterday and yet forever at the same time! Good times ahead, Debs xx



Loving ourselves is THE most important thing we can do in this life, from that space we are at our optimum best to help others and create the best possible outcomes for ourselves. Anything we achieve in life without self love is a watered down version of what is really possible for us. Self love is also one of the most complicated ventures to undertake, when it should be the easiest. The reason being, we have to unearth who we really are first, who are we really loving, who am I? Who am I underneath all of the traits, triggers and false beliefs about myself, which were mirrored to me, about me, in the first place? Who am I underneath all of my 'programming' and 'auto reactions'' Once we answer THAT question, then we are the road to authentic self love..E.E.T.A Programs are the way! 


**NOTICE** **BRIDGEND, SOUTH WALES AREA** We have a development class that runs every Thursday, 10.30am - 1.30pm 1st week, 7pm - 10pm 2nd week alturnatively! If you would like to join us, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me on 07842 425 967 looking forward to hearing form you, much love Debs x



Accolade Academy for Emotional Corporate Training - Invest in the emotional heart of your business for harmony daily and incresed yearly profits - You know they go hand in hand, right? Packages also available for the small business and sole trader - woohoo! This is BIG! We are so excited about our E.E.T.A Programs, they are changing the heart of the corporate world - Debs 



Accolade Academy's E.E.T.A Programs - Isn't it time you got back to being you? You are going to live your life, so you may as well live it as you and not an accumulation of everyone else's ideas about who you are or who they think you should be! If you are asking the question - Where did I go? check us out at our sister website big kisses Debs xx



Paul has been very busy this week putting all the final touches to our up and coming 2016 Tour starting September!! Woohoo we are super charged for this tour it is been two years since our last tour and we have missed being across the pond and seeing friends, meeting new friends and being in the good ol' USA. I must have had past lives there, it feels like home to me just at much as the UK. I seem to know about places and happenings in American history, where I have no clue how I know I just do :) and I pine to be there, so needless to say I am so excited and I know Paul feels the same way, it just feels like home no matter what state we are in. So guys look out for up dates and tour schedules coming soon, much love Debs - 'Oh say can you see'........


We are SOOO excited about our new ETTA Programs for Personal and Corporate Training - the foudations of which are based in Emotional Intelligence! Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the IQ of the future! We are just now realising that having a good IQ can and will only get you so far within the business world, it is time to merge the two in a way not used in the past. It is time now to launch a new wave of business practice, bringing with it faster and a more sustainable growth within the corporate world, as well as for the individual entrepreners of tomorrow! This is big, huge and we are feeling the tingling excitment as this new wave is carried on the wind of our tomorrows.... 


Here at Accolade we have decided to practice what we preach - LOVE! Love for self then others!! Others meaning YOU! We have a fantastic life changing opportunity coming soon in the form of a competition. Look out for our upcoming posts on this as this is truly an exciting competition where the prize is worth not only thousands of ££££/$$$$, yet will truly change your life for the better, forever! Ooooh love Debs x


Are you ready to get your wings? We are so delighted to announce that we now have weekly classes here in South Wales! There are every Thursday alternating between day and evening classes. Next class is Thursday 26th November at 7.00pm - 9.30pm and then the following week on Thursday 3rd December class is from 10.30am - 1.30pm. All are welcome, from those who just have an interest in psychic mediumship to the hobbyist and on to those who are working mediums. We will always work you to your level of experience so no one will feel out of their depth or too experienced. For more details and information please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. call us on 07842 425 967 or catch us on Facebook via Deborah Paul Accolade! We are looking forward to seeing you there! love debs x


 Hi lovelies, it's class time! I am holding our by weekly mediumship development class tonight (Wednesday 22nd April 2015)7pm - 9pm a good two hours of solid spiritual work not to be missed! We hold this class every other Wednesday, all welcome, if you would like to join us please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details 


Using your Emotional Intelligence to raise the standard of your Psychic Mediumship is just part of our Accolade Pyramid Training - Be the Best - Ask me how This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here is a wonderful testimonial for our UMM Certification Program by the lovely Vreny Zumbuhl! We are so excited about our UMM Programs, they are revoultional for Mediumship training, they are the way forward to deeper evidence via more confident mediums xx

“ I have been working with spirit for a number of years. My big desire is always to expand my mediumistic and psychic abilities. Currently I am enrolled in the 18 month UMM certification program offered by my favorite tutors, Debs & Paul Rees of the Accolade Academy.
This program is fantastic. It offers a variety of assignments , which is totally my style. This assignments encourage and challenge me to bring more and deeper evidence and messages in form of feelings and emotions from Spirit visitor. In order to be able to reach this goal, I am allowing myself to heal aspects of my life, which in return enables the spirit to use all of my abilities. 
I love the fact that UMM allows me to work at my own speed. I also appreciate the idea of having this course spread out over 18 month. This gives me an opportunity to create my own pace and rhythm in terms of working and committing to the assignments. Also, the fact that the UMM program is customized to my own needs, is very unique and fantastic. It supports my own unique abilities to be the best that I can possibly be as a medium. Therefore I highly recommend the UMM Certification program”. 
Spirit Medium Vreny Zumbuhl


I am so loving the run up to Christmas this year year. Paul has done ALL of the Christmas shopping. He has also brought me a whole huge stocking full of presents, how wonderful! Last week he asked me to close my eyes as he handed me presents to feel, as soon as I was about to get a clue he would whip it away and had me another. I am sure they are not expensive girts, yet we were laughing so much you know what? Suddenly it wasn't about the presents anymore, it was about the love between us and the bonding we were having. This is what Christmas is all about I thought, sharing this laughter together. What a wonderfully thoughtful beautiful man I have. I thought he is the best present of all. Thank you Paul for bringing the simplicity and the meaning of Christmas back to me in such a charismatic and childlike way. I love you! Debs x


YAY! We are off to my home-town of Southampton this weekend! We will be at WSC - Woolston Spiritual Centre for a demonstration tomorrow night at 7pm and we will be conducting private readings Saturday and Sunday daytime and finishing with a service Sunday evening. Really looking forward to this weekend :) Debs x


Home now for just over four weeks and its back out for our longest tour of the year! We will be hitting the east coast but not before landing in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta Canada :)

Phew it is definately all go here, but hey, we wouldn't want it any other way! Loving life right now, Debs x


Do Animals Have A Soul? Chapter 15
In my opinion I find speech in whatever language we use to be the least reliable form of communication. Let’s face it, we are
not all as honest as is often claimed, as many people lie about,
play down or exaggerate their feelings much of the time. A
true feeling can tell you so much more than the spoken word ever
could. How arrogant of us to think that because animals do
not speak words like us, they are less intelligent.These beautiful creations, especially in their wild and natural
habitat, show remarkable signs of logical thinking as well as
expressing all of the instinctual feelings that one would expect
of a human being. They also express feelings of a maternal or
paternal nature, such as jealousy, loyalty and playfulness, no
different to the most expressive of our kind.

Deborah Rees ~ 'We Are All Born Mediums'



We have been in Denver for two weeks now and loving it! We just finished a weekend class in Loveland Colorado, everyone was just lovely, we had so much fun and bonding, we really enjoyed tutoring these wonderful people :) We are on Monday 17th February and Wednesday 19th we fly down to Texas, Houston will be the city, we really enjoy Houston so we are looking forward to a week there with wonderful people. I feel so blessed to have the career I have, working with and for spirit and travelling to different contries meeting fantatsic people with my adorable husband, what life could be more glorious? Universe I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this perfect life :)


Well it is countdown time here in the Accolade office, one week to go until we fly off to our first stop...Denver Colorado, woohoo we can not wait to see all the folks there :) 


It is all go here today and for the rest of the week. It may be a case of working day and night in order to be ready

A tour takes a lot of planning and organising and that is half of the fun, Paul and I get excited when it's preperation time.

We are leaving Sunday for London to fly Monday 3rd of Feburary. We will probably land to snow and low tempretures but hey, anything beats this perpetual rain we are seeing here in the UK.

And anyway we love the snow, it brings nostaliga with it for us :) So Denver we hope you are ready for us, because we are certainly ready for you, Much love Debs x


Denver - USA 2014 Winter Tour 

Woohoo!!! We are so excited to be coming back!!! Meeting old friends and new, can't wait to see you there, Love Debs & Paul x :)

 or please contact Shauna O'Brien usaoffice@accoladeacademy.

Welcome to Paul and Deborah's USA tour dates and schedule selection for Denver USA Tour . This will be Accolades fourth tour to the wonderful state of Colorado, and it gives Paul and Debs the greatest of pleasures to be able to offer their unique style of teaching, demonstrating (audience readings - gallery) and one to one readings to the folks of Denver CO.

List of the services Paul and Debs will be offering whilst on tour:

  • One to one readings
  • Demonstrations of mediumship to live audiences
  • Book signing events
  • Workshops/courses for all level of of abilities
  • Lectures and topic discussions and much more ....

Course titles:

Follow on class/intermediate/advanced class:

Advancing the quality of your psychic and evidential
mediumship message to your client and audience

Intro/Beginner/Mixed ability class

Intent – belief and Mediumship

(hand in hand)


And now you can enjoy the full package of the weeks events with Paul and Deborah at a discount and maximise your experience!

please contact Shauna O'Brien usaoffice@accoladeacademy.



It's good news from the office. Our tech guy has been in touch and we are just a step away from having the long awaited Wed Training up and running...phew!! Been a while, yet we have been assured that there are only three minors to correct before it is ready,( more than correction, it is the professionalism of the project, the ease of use that is being 'corrected' and not that fact that it won't work without them, we just want it perfect for you:)) Yay we cannot tell you how much this means to us. We have persevered and it has paid off, as there were many a time we thought 'shall we keep this going' So we are very pleased to say the least. We will keep you posted :)


It is all go here in the Accolade office. All manor of new and exciting projects are being created here and all for the ease of development for our students. We work really hard to make sure the potential of each and every client is met. We have the Accolade two year programme being finalised as we speak, this will be a massive achievement in the history of spiritual development. The way it has been designed and the sturcture to the training are one of a kind, where it can almost guarantee the student a pass. A pass that will allow the graduate to carry a high standard of evidential mediumship, exceptional morals and fantastic work ethics. So not only do the students gain a phenomenal career due to the training, but the clieant of these graduates get the best possible service. 

Accolade Academy, pioneer training for the new generation x



Well, we had a blast in Houston, whoa, we met lots of wonderful people, so many characters. They wear their heart on their sleeve here in Houston and we love that. It was a fabulous week, and with the four hour drive there, it was great to see so much of the Texan landscape, it was beautiful. We had so much fun with our new boss lady, miss Sheryll and her friend Susan who came along for the ride. Both Paul and I feel so so blessed that we are in the position to travel and do what with love, with who we love. Wow, thank you my goregeous universe xx



 We have had an amazing time here in Denver Colorado, such wonderful people and students that will now continue to spread the word and the good news that we live forever, via their up and coming work, we are so grateful to spirit for the oppotunity to serve, happy days, and talking of happy days, it was my handsome husbands Birthday yesterday, Happy Birthday beautiful Paul xxx

We are so proud to introduce to you the director of

Accolade Academy America

Sheryll Ryan

of 'Ryan Productions' Texas USA

We are so thrilled to have Sheryll become a part of the Academy family. With her on board we just know the sky is the limit for the future of Accolade.


Paul says - "Having Sheryll join our company has been one of the highlights of my time with Accolade so far. This is a major step forward for the business; I feel that this partnership is the start of great things to come. Our aim is for Accolade to become a house hold name for providing excellence of service to the local communities in the area of spiritual growth both here and across the pond, and this partnership is a milestone in that endeavour".

Debs says "Sheryll Ryan is FANTASTIC; she is just a breath of fresh air for Accolade. She is so knowledgeable within the corporate world as well as spiritual one. She is focused, professional, enthusiastic, loving, hard-working, sincere and very spiritual!!! Could think of tons more adjectives that describes her. Yet the most important aspect that Sheryll carries, for me would be her compassion. This lady has the right mix, needed for a spiritual company in a corporate world. Sheryll is setting up some big Accolade events all over the USA and I am beyond excited, we feel really blessed to have found our Sheryll"

Well it is that time of year again, where everything winds down, hopefully your rush is over and you are ready or at least almost ready for the well earned break of Christmas. Paul and I have had an extraordinary year, it is not everyday you have your very own words and thoughts published in a book, so we are over the moon that 2012 saw our first book being published, I say first as we have others that are in the initial stages, which we are also excited about. 2012 saw some wonderful times for Paul and I, kicking off the year with a west coast tuor of America, travelling to Denver and Boulder in Colorado, onto Austin, Texas followed by Pheonix in 

Arizona and lastly on to Los Angeles in good ol' California. That was amazing, the best part was al of the wonderful people we met, the American people are just fabulous, very friendly, warm individuals, we are heading back out in early March 2013 to cover, the east coast, west coast and Calagry Canada, phew! We may even have American accents by the time we head home.

December sees so many birthdays for our family, with my sister Anita's on the 2nd, would be my Dad's on the 5th (he has passed away but I always say 'Happy Birthday' Dad), it is our niece Lacey's on the 7th, our other niece Megan's on the 8th and then its our other niece Avie on the 11th, (lots of girls in our family lol) so it is a very special time through December for us, not to mention an expensive one ha ha.

Today is 21st December 2012 and it seems that there are many who beileve the world will end today, due to a calendar made by the 'Mayans' that 'runs out' today. Well, firstly let me say I would like to believe God above anything man made and that is just the start of my reasons for not feeling like the world is going to end today. This beautiful planet that we live on is made by God or source or the almighty or which ever word suits you best, the Earth is a magnificent tool with which to gain spiritual aspects of God, source... so why on Earth, literally, would he/she/it destroy this wonderful, beautiful tool in which to grow, apparent reason. Beacuse let me tell you, God does have reason, he has a plan, nothing is random, and no-thing lacks meaning. If I, mere little Debs can figure out that it makes no sence or rather nonsense, to finish the world today then I am sure our creator knows this also lol.

Now if people were saying that it was written that WE humans were going to destroy the Earth today, well then, I might not have slept as well as I did last night. You see I believe that there are no accidents, that everything has a reason and so I cannot except that the one who created us, loves us as him/her/itself would cause something out of our control to destroy us...nope ain't happening, does not comput in my heart.

Yet what we have to be aware of is mass consciousness, we are what we think, what we think, we create, as a lot of us are now realising, so on that note it is a good idea to think positive about our planet, not just today but every day, for if we all or the majority of us think loving thoughts about each other and our planet, then we can stride ahead into a wonderful future.

Do not get bogged down with the bad in the world, thinking about it only adds to it, Mother Teresa said, something along these lines 'I will never attend an anti-war campain, yet I will happily attend a peace rally' I am not entirely sure of her exact words, yet here Mother Teresa is demonstrating the law of attraction. Where thoughts of terrible things even sympathetic ones, only concentrate on the terrible thing. all the universe hears are millions of people all thinking negatively on a certain subject, that is mass consciousness creating exactly what we DONT want and idividually too. As most know that the universe, God, gives us what we are thinking about and gives it to us without judgment, without interfering, if you dont wat something to show up in your life, then think about the opposite and NOT the thing you dont want.

Anyway folks I have as usual, gone on (I just cant help it lol) yet suffice to say Paul and I wish you 'AVery Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, laughter and much happiness.

Debs x




A big thank you to all the staff at the WHSmith super store in Swansea, Wales for your great organisation today and an even greater thank you to all the wonderful people who came and bought a book and supported our book signing day, THANK YOU SO MUCH it was a blast. Next stop WHSmith Cardiff tomorrow, see you there xxxx debs xxxx — at WHSmith



Grumpy Spiritual Mediums (where's the love and light hey!)

Well this week i feel i just have to stick my neck out and speak my mind and here goes,

                                      "I AM SICK AND TIRED OF MOANING SPIRITUAL MEDIUMS"

Well there I've said it and here's why, now I'm not one for feeling sorry for myself but by damn my patience has been tested this week by the very people who claim to be my fellow comrades within my loving industry, I've never known so many ladies and gents who work along side each other in one industry that are truly focused on nothing more than the want for the next hard working spiritual medium to absolutely fail in becoming successful in their chosen profession, I'm am truly becoming more and more convinced by the day that most spiritual practicing mediums are truly bitter towards other practicing spiritual mediums that are working to be successful at their profession, the rule of thumb seems to be if your successful in any other industry or business outside of mediumship then you've done exceptionally well to work with the gifts or skills you were born with and a positive tap on the back for not wasting your potential as a person and if you become a financial success then you are seen as a hard working business person that must be offering a good service to the public or your success would hold no strength.

Now here's the bombshell if your a successful professional medium and god forbid if you are a financially successful medium then many of our so called working medium friends will blindly accuse you 

for being a fraud or an individual who is exploiting a free gift that was given to you by god, or the favourite seems to be if you are charging for your work then you are seen as a spiritual money raker, how absolutely crazy or may i say childish, so would i be correct in thinking then that my god would be happy to see me penniless because I am working with my working potentials in life, I mean what's different in using my natural potential skills as a medium awhen making a living as does the local plumber.

Looking at this a little closer then should I have worked my seventeen years in the upholstery factory before becoming a medium for nothing, no wages? Would you go to work for no wages? so what's the difference in working as a medium or upholsterer, both offer a service to the individual customer and both hold employment titles,  yes totally different fields but both required a very high level of training and both skills maintained the need for constant training and commitment from me, both skills have to have a natural potential in order to carry out the work and believe me as we have some poor mediums out there so did I witness some poor upholsterers, not all who tried were able to master the skill of upholstery as the same for mediumship.

Truth being i and debs success did not come from the more we charge the better we must be attitude, we dont live in a country that believes in paying high prices for anything any more and neither should we, fare trade is a better trade as they say,  we worked damn hard with long hours to make our business work for itself, so to all the volunteering medium freebies out there i like any other skilled trained person charge for my work as this is how I pay my mortgage and put food in my kitchen and as with any other industry if you charge for your services then the customer expects a quality of service, pressure i happily put on myself unlike many other mediums who don't charge because to be quite frank their mediumship just does not come up to the mark and if those mediums are being truthful to themselves its a lack of self confidence is what prevents them for charging a fee in the first place SO STOP HIDING BEHIND EXCUSES, if you can work for no wages then good for you and I wish you all the best, maybe you should charge and offer to donate your wages to a local family that needs it, specially this time of year. Truthfully I am so disheartened by the idiots in this industry, those who feel they own their opinions and demand others follow or be named and shamed its as if those not following are breaking the unwritten rules put there by persons that have no idea on life or customer service.

I wish to end this weeks article with a clear message to the industry I dedicate my life to, I have no wish to point the finger here and my message was not to all the mediums in is movement, as said if you can work for free then great but please don't condemn others for not being in the same place of financial giveaway as yourselves. If your work is your income then stand proud as you have chosen to make a living in what is one of the hardest industries to do so, in these financially difficult times and truthfully when a customer pays for your service if your mediumship is not up to scratch it will soon be verbally brought to the service, there's no hiding poor mediumship when there is a cost to your services, so go for it!







                                                                                                             Taken from our hotel in the morning, not bad from an ipad hey

And so this November we found ourselves once again in the utterly beautiful city of Vienna, this city is unanimously, without question our most favorite city that we have ever been to. Vienna has a wonderful romantic atmosphere. It is soft and sweet with inhabitants to match. You find yourself being totally intoxicated by the essence of the sophisticated Viennese tastes and style, blended cleverly with an air of the long ago values and of course architecture of their yester-years.

We know that when we land in Vienna and start working we are in for the most emotionally charged week of any week we have working anywhere else. This we both love. Working with the viennese is a double blessing. One , we get to give them their loved ones back, just for a little while, yet it is the sheer undiluted love these people express for their departed that holds for me the essence of why I do this job. Vienna fills up your senses, awakens them and as you go about the city lets them tell you their own story. Debs x






                                                                                                                                                      Who says we dont chill out lol

It was my first time to Weymouth, although for Debs she had been there as a child for holidays, and waw what a fantastic part of England, although we are in a spell of cold weather at the moment the place was just packed with people, our day was set it for us in a hotel bang in the middle of town and with the Christmas lights being turned on in the centre of town early the same evening it added to the people count visiting the town that day and surprisingly spilled into our event also.

I still cant get my nerves to sit comfortably with these book events, me, pen and paper just don't see eye to eye you know and when asked to sign a book its as much as i can do to hold my nerves in place, i would rather be Deming in front of a full audience, its just i was never given any confidence in school and having to spell names is just my worse nightmare, thank god debs usually signes them first and i can then copy her spelt name to be sure i get it correct, bring on the spell check. 


I do so much enjoy our annual evening at The Eastleigh Spiritualist Church, once again it was a fab evening with a great audience, they say when you are having a good time that time does fly and sure enough it flew by, i just love it when evenings go well, and the audience enjoys, see you next year. 


A big thank you to Sean and Jen for making our hour interview with Soul Paths Insight Radio such a pleasure today, we loved your energy and professionalism, it was a ball.

follow the link to listen to the interviw:


What i love about Wales is the Welsh support, our first WHSmith super store book signing event and waw thank you so much from all the local people who came to support us today, and i best give and extra special thanks to mam and dad for braving the cold and supporting their son, thanks dad i know its not your thing lol






Had a great day at Horrogate today, it was fab to see so many people coming and enjoying the day with us, thank you so much for your time all.



Accolades Exclusive Student Training & Social Network Website

Accolade has just raised the benchmark for online training. This exclusive and first of its kind real life video training is a fantastic opportunity for you to practice your mediumship with many hundreds of other Accolade students from many parts of the world. To enjoy this new service all you have to do is subscribe and become a member of Accolade’s very own World Web Training Academy. Once joined you can then practice your mediumship by booking unlimited real life one to one readings with other Accolade students who have also subscribed to the online training.                                                        

Your early bird one time offer:                                                                                           

Accolade will be offering you an early bird ONE TIME ONLY introductory rate to the first 50 joining members (49 spaces left), instead of the annual £250 fee we can offer you a discounted investment of £195, a saving of £55.00 plus we will give you free a further 6 months of one to one airtime totalling your introductory airtime to 18 months for the price of 12 months and if that’s not enough we will we will also throw in four free online workshops or the equivalent (terms and conditions apply to some promotional offers)

For your annual investment you will be eligible to arrange unlimited practice one to one readings/consultations with other Accolade students from the USA, Canada, Austria as well as England and Wales. After each appointment your recipient/client will automatically be sent an appointment assessment form to be filled in by him/her which will then be forwarded on to yourself. Giving you structured and positive feedback, the perfect complement to your developing needs.

Accolade has found that many students struggle to sustain the practice needed when wanting to keep a momentum after a workshop/seminar. Well we have found you a solution and all this can be done from the comforts of your home, all you need  Is to register for full membership (annual fee applies)  have a PC/laptop with Internet connection (ipad app in testing) a web-cam with a mic and you’re up and running.

Click through to our extended new online training website                                  

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