Touching down in LA California my thoughts were still with the wonderful people we met in Phoenix. Each workshop on this tour has brought nothing but admiration and pride for all the students who attended our workshops, watching the students give nothing less than a 100% effort to every exercise and challenge and phoenix kept up that same momentum of the tour, working incredibly hard and wanting more, what more could Accolade ask for.

Along with the rest of the USA Phoenix is ready to change the face of mediumship and raise the bar of standards, and these guys mean business, every student passionately pushing their limits to get that extra piece of evidential clarification from spirit to prove their ability as professional working mediums, leaving the traditional USA psychic councillor in their working shadow.

The Phoenix workshop was another weekend of true grit, individuals desperate to prove to the rest of the world that modern mediumship has its place in the USA. Passion and heart excelling over experience, newbies giving evidence that some of our seasoned mediums have yet to deliver, proving once again that sensitivity and courage rules over traditional thinking and crazy rituals.

Accolade would like to give a big thank you to Betty, Mike and family for making us feel so welcome at their home, we miss you both very much, it's was just fantastic thank you so much.

Until next week, cheers Paul


On arriving in Austin Texas I expected to see horses and cowboys, well was I in for a shock, whilst the horses and cowboys are still traditionally a proud Texan way of life out on the ranches, this great country is a growth of young fashion and new ideas and mediumship is one of them. Mediumship and Texas is working out its own silent battle of acceptance, seeing mediums develop through the underground of many good quality professional development circles and classes that strive each day to proudly become part of the Austin new age and laid back "free city appeal"

It's safe to say Austin is about to explode on the mediumship map, Accolade was amazed by the efforts of our Austin team of students, never backing down, working the two days as hard as they could to get as much as they could from the workshop, absorbing any new ideas that Accolade could offer to advance their mediumship and then excitedly putting those ideas into practice with a passion and respect deserving of the highest of spiritual mediumship awards.

Accolade, Paul, Debs and Jayne would like to thank our wonderful caring Sheryll and Fred for being such a fantastic couple, you made is feel right at home, you're hospitality was wonderful THANK YOU. The USA is a country of sensitivity and open hearts, and we saw a fine example of this, this past week, well done to all the students you did us proud, THANK YOU so much for your hard work and fantastic mediumship, keep up the good work, and keep in touch with Sheryll she has big plans for Texas, see you next year.



As we come to the end of our first week of the first leg of our USA west coast tour, I am once again amazed with the drive of each and every student that attended Accolades workshops in Boulder and Denver. All wanting to work as hard as they possibly could, attacking each workshop exercise with a passion of excellence that makes all Accolades work so worthwhile, each student hungry to give nothing less than their best, relaying evidence from spirit that could stand up in any theatre demonstration with the most professional of working mediums, the word beginner is becoming a word that holds no recognition in anybody's development these days, HOW GREAT!

Thanks to all that attended any of Accolade’s services, especially to all the hard working students. From memory i recall some students leaving our second day in the Denver workshop leaving without having to complete your demerits, well keep an eye on your emails, some things just have to be finished lol - remember GOD IS WATCHING! 

Thank you so much you all looked after myself and debs so well keeping us both hydrated and moisturised in the crazy altitude lol, and not forgetting the laughs (elizabeth). Thanks to Lois for keeping us fed and warmed and to our taxi drivers (the twins) Meghan and Shauna, great driving girls and great wine, thank you both.

Denver/ boulder see you next year guys, keep up the momentum and good work, Charles is there for you all.

Next stop Austin, Texas. See you next week jet lagged and all.


The Accolade team gives thanks

Each day I feel blest and thank spirit, the universe and god for Accolade. As we head off loaded to the max with luggage and extras to the west coast of the USA and Calgary Canada, in front of us nine weeks of workshops, demonstrations and readings GREAT I LOVE IT. In flight both me and Debs sit side by side ( or at least until debs spotted an empty row of three and dived in to stretch out) whispering finders keepers the seats belong to me lol. Dealing with our usual pre tour nerves, in my thoughts treble checking my list of packed items, have I forgotten anything? although it’s too late now no going back to get any left behind items, not even debs wedding ring she left on the window sill at our friend Gloria’s home the morning of departure :(

None of this could have happened if it were not for our hard working sponsors, Alyson and her team of volunteers in the USA who professionally put in place all the details and arrangements to make this tour happen, and in Canada we thank dear friends and sponsors Donnie and patient hubby Rod (looking forward to your ice cream for supper good friend) for our week there, Calgary first for your loyal continued support and of course our Canadian adopted granny Rev.Barbara Leonard. The Accolade team would like thank you so much and look forward to giving you a service complementing to your hard work.

Accolade would also like to thank our loyal global Accolade family of students and friends. You are the very reason we strive to take mediumship and its simplicity to all not just the few. Remember this "we are all born mediums" and this is your time to believe and make that your new affirmation in your life, your spirituality needs you.

See you next week guys, love and blessings Paul

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