Farhan Dhalla - "It is with great pleasure to recommend Accolade Academy. I've been fortunate to receive extensive training with this organization. Paul and Deborah are skilled teachers who have taken the practise of Mediumship and shown that it is a profession of accountability, responsibility and ethics. They are great teachers to anyone who wants to expand their intuition to be used with intention, proficiency and effectively.

Rachel - Denver CO: Hi Debs! I just wanted to first say a HUGE thank you to you and Paul for so many reasons. You know, I don't know if you understand what a gift you have been in my life or for so many people out there. What you and Paul do holds so many multiple blessings.. one being connecting people to their loved ones in Spirit, another being bringing forth messages that heal people on such a deep level and yet another being the gift of connecting people with their own ability to connect to Spirit.

You and Paul both gave me the gift of my Mediumship. I understand that like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, it has always been inside us.. but it wasn't  until I met you and Paul that I understood the key to unlock that. It was life changing for me. You gave me the gift of learning about evidential Mediumship, something that just isn't taught here in the states. You also gave me the important lesson of trust and confidence in my mediumship, something that most mediums keep as a "secret" to themselves to make them appear like their gift is some how more special than everyone else's. So I want to just really share my appreciation and gratitude for the complete lack of ego you both have in this work and the understanding that as souls there is such a higher purpose to this work. My goal as a medium is to change the way people believe about the afterlife and the purpose of our life here on Earth in general and I really believe that can be done through the exact way you both are teaching this. I hope to take my mediumship to the highest platform I can and I will always be so grateful for you both, as my mentors and as people I so admire who will really make a significant difference in our world.

On another note, the reading you did for me was hands down the best reading I have ever had. Not only did it show me how an EXCELLENT medium gives a reading, but it was very healing for me and gave me closure and full understanding to situations from my childhood and solid guidance and direction in my life now. I have been in a pretty difficult situation for years where I thought I would never be able to get out of it. My mediumship not only gives me a career that I love, helping others and helping to educate the world about life after death but it also gives me the ability to stand on my own and free myself from this situation... had I not taken the workshops with you and Paul I can honestly say I would not have had the confidence to go out their and do this on my own.. so with all my heart and love a huge thank you to you both. Please know that the work you do has made a life changing impact on my life and I will forever be grateful to you both for that.. so on that note.. I am writing to tell you.. I have booked three PAYING clients!!! :) Please keep in touch and you always have a friend in me  whether I am here in Colorado or back in California! <3 Love, Rachel


Stephanie Fox: I can personally vouch for both Debs n Paul as I have had medium readings with both via Skype n in person. They are simply the best mediums I have ever had a reading with n the stuff that usually comes thru are things we currently need help with. They told me stuff about myself that they cud not of possibly known n also accurate descriptions of my loved ones who have crossed over n were coming thru with messages for me to help me. If u want a medium reading then I highly recommend both Deb n Paul xox 

Maria Klink:  Debs my Medium from Wales I do so LOVE she and Paul. Debs my Medium from Wales I do so LOVE she and Paul Paul and Deborah Rees' new book 'We Are All Born Mediums' Deborah Paul Accolade-Academy I studied with them last Spring. The Spring prior I had a reading with Debs in San Pedro when they came to do workshops. 

I have had Skype readings with both Paul and Deb in Wales.I can't begin to express how AMAZINGLY TUNED IN they both are and in different ways. In San Pedro Debs spent an hour with my 3 closest departed loved ones, no joke, so accurate , the evidence was so obscure, there was no apprehension of inauthenticity almost immediately.They make tapes which are really wonderful to go back and listen to from time to time, and each time I have listened, the words elicit even more wisdom and love and nearness...like I said Words can't express.

So if you’d like to hear from anyone Over Yonder, I vouch for these two. A solid hour of deeply moving and amazing readings Soul to Soul.And if there’s some one you’re wanting to hear from and by the core of the reading, you figure bummer, my inspiration was communication from another, WELL , just mention “Hey There’s Another”, and by golly that reading isn’t over until you’re satisfied that the one you sought, is TRULY on the set and you’re getting schooled. 

Happened on Skype w/Paul. Wow the things from my father for 40-5 minutes, I mean they couldn’t have been richer or more true. Things held so deep within I wouldn’t manage to articulate or admit, things I NEED in this life to embrace (like myself) and like a GPS from Daddy who was Brillant on Earth and NOW SO FREE and CLEAR as to see and share THE PATH that could assuage my pathos. Anyway I asked for another and NO PROBLEM the next 20 minutes were notable and abounding in such depth and candor. I learned so much.

They’re really hip on the other side, you know the veils been lifted, many of the things I have heard from my loved ones , it’s their soul speaking things they may never have orally shared while here, but things your souls shared in their speechlessness. Those things unable to be expressed in words.

Debs and Paul are no attachers to 'new age philosophies' when the whole point is to let go of all beliefs. They've just constructed a new ego-identity. Down to Earth free and unencumbered by the foolishness that often envelops so many who go about shrouding themselves in zippered aqualungs of light and fairy dust. They’re like the mailman, instead of letters it’s soul to soul messages they deliver, and they’re on their way.

"LOVE is the law of God. Love neither buys nor sells, but when it gives it gives its all, and when it takes it takes it's all. It's very taking is a giving.It's very giving is a taking. Therefore it is the same today, tomorrow and forever." Mikhail Naimy from THE BOOK OF MIRDAD They’re such connected souls you too may possibly develop a deep love for these two, Normies. (oh Paul, that would mean “normal”.They’re really more the Bangers ,Mash and a Pint at Sunset type. And FUNNY Paul is funny. Debs I think of as very serene and dry witted; like my son Gabriel, and that’s a rare talent , and a delight to be in the company of. “special”, the coolest couple. OH YEAH, AND THEIR DIRT CHEAP. Ain’t that a blessing.

This was writen by a college student that attended Paul's lecture at College Charleston USA - Sept 2013 USA tour: 

Titled - Medium Experience

During one of our religion classes we had a medium visit and sit through the class with us. I was very interested and was hoping that he would talk to us and explain how he does his work. When class was over he stood and began explaining the process of getting in touch with the dead. He told us that he does not directly talk to the dead, but instead gets more of a feeling from them. He gets these feelings that relate to his childhood or an experience that he has had, but it shows him what the entity is trying to communicate to him. He later asked if anyone would like to volunteer so he could show the class what he does. I have always been interested in talking to a medium so I immediately raised my hand. He asked me which relative I wanted to talk about. When I told him that I wanted to know about my grandma on my dads side he immediately began. I was shocked when he asked if she was a stubborn person because that is what she was known for. He told me other things like she was very sick, she stopped taking her medicine, and that I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her before she passed. He was completely correct about everything. He then went into detail about the time that I did get to spend with her. He knew that all of the drawers in her house were always a mess and she liked it that way. He also knew that I had a big imagination while I stayed there and kept myself entertained. I was blown away by all the stuff that he was telling me. There was no way he could have known all of that. He then explained the time that she passed. The medium knew that she was surrounded by people that were giving her the blessing to pass on. Everything he told me was one hundred percent true. Talking to him was a once in a lifetime chance because I would have never gone to a medium myself. I loved hearing what he had to say about my grandma and explaining how mediums do their work. I’m so glad I could be a part of this experience. 

Jennifer Bernup:   Thank You very much Deb and Paul for the most amazing and wonderful weekend ! You will be greatly missed xo....  I am already looking forward to your return in April ..Lola

Joan Spanks:   Thank you again Deb and Paul.  You guys are wonderful beautiful souls, i learned so much from you both.  you will be missed can't wait till you guys return.  You both gave me so much inspiration and hope and I will remember you guys always.

Dee Potenti:    It was a fantastic weekend and learned so much from you both . I love your way of teaching. I look back at this past weekend that I spent with you guy's I would have loved for it to be longer. But it was life changing and it helped put me on the right  path I'm on now... unaware to you all, you have had a profound impact on my life, mainly because you showed me another, more gentle way was possible. I feel very blessed to have learned from you both, it has left an impact on my life.You also inspired me to be a better person, I'm now more excited to watch what's to come in my future. Again it was an amazing experience for me  and I'm very excited taking this knowledge and a way of life back home and using it . I love you guy's   and already miss you both can't wait till April. Much love and Blessing being sent your way.

Donna Foley:    It was so wonderful to meet everyone this weekend and learn sooo much!!! Thank you everybody!!! Especially Deb and Paul for making it happen!

Ellen Bent:  Thank you so much Deb and Paul for a fantastic weekend. You guys are amazing!

I believe one of the best gifts you can give a student is encouragement. With your encouragement, you helped me through a threshold that I might never had the courage to cross on my own. Thank you again!

Heidi Joyce:   I absolutely enjoyed learning from both of you, it truly was a life changing experience & I cannot wait to take another class in the spring. I ended up sick with a head cold/chest cold towards the end of the class & was completely useless yesterday. & strangely the last 3 nights I have been giving reading in my dreams. I'm sure this will stop. haha. 

Deb and Paul, Thank you both  so very much for this past weekend.  I can't tell you what a huge stepping stone this weekend and workshop has been  for me in so many ways. I truly believe it was synchronicity and it  would have not happened without both of  your Beautiful personalities and encouraging ways of teaching . This weekend will always be a part of who I am and I  will cherish the memories that were created during this brief but meaningful connection this weekend. I will be looking forward to your return, reconnecting and learning all that you both have to offer. 

Much love and gratitude xo 

Jennifer Burnap:   I am so grateful that you guys were here.  The reading I had was spot on and the information that came through was exactly what I needed to hear right now!  I have received so much validation in the past few days and I just want you two to know how much you mean to me.  THANK you for being here on this planet right now....you are making a huge difference in the lives of so many people.  Keep it up!!!! Sending you so much love! <3 

Gia – Southampton - England - ON ARTICLES:  This is beautifully expressed Paul, with so much honestly, humility and dignity. Congratulations on finding yourself again 

Anita – Dorset – England- ON ARTICLES: Probably the best piece of writing I have read from anyone anywhere in years. Long may you remain young.

Barbara – British Columbia – Canada:  ON WORKSHOPS: Good work Debs and Paul ...this is what is missed in just circle training rather than a combination of on-your-feet classes that you give. Sometimes the quieter ones that are not coming forward are missed. The on -the-feet training allows the facilitators to see each person individually and encourage them to come forward in a safe environment. Keep up the good work. Look at the great results you get from each class 

Gemma – South Wales: Thank you for a fab reading tonight, it was brilliant, my husband listened to the cd and thought it was so accurate that he even wants a reading with you xx 

Yvette – South Wales: I had a wonderful reading last night with Paul and Deborah. So accurate and so comforting to know that one special lady is still with me. I feel so blessed thank you. 

Linda one to one reading (Texas) Thank you so much for letting me be a part of Paul and Deb's reading time today.  They were both incredible and so helpful. I have never had anyone be so completely on target. It is obvious they are really awesome at what they do.  Top of the top. It has and will help me, immensely, going forward.  Not to overlook the fact that it was so good to connect to my loved family.  It made me happy. Much love and appreciation Linda 

Jane Pickette (book purchase)  wow your book is amazing....you both make it so up to date and modern!  gonee are the days of red velvet curtains and round tables with old fashioned people rounding up the spirits to scare the hell out of you.....you make it practical and normal .....how clever are you both to just work it out ...it makes much more sense to me as i couldnt make head nor tail of it before...how did it work ..do you have to be chosen??  i havent finished it yet but it must be the best book ive read so far....its just sensible xxxx Hope to meet up again both..

Linda Jones Hughes hi dab Paul, hope you are both well, thank you for the assessment CD you sent me, I was really please when I heard it, you and Paul are so good at teaching, what you both said was so encouraging to me thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed the day with you both and look forward to the next one, keep up the good work you are helping so many people x x x 

Sarah Watkins  Just wanted to say a big thank you for last night it was great and you were fantastic we all really enjoyed it. Sorry it was such a late night. And a big big thank you from me for your reading I know I wasn’t easy but it has been so helpful already it was just what I needed Sarah Watkins xxx 

Kay Gale "What a fabulous night it was!! The energies were amazing. I'd brought a newbie. What an introduction to spirit! Thank-you for all that you do! All my love Kay xx 

Merita King "Lovely to see you both again tonight and what a fantastic evening you gave us, thank you. I really enjoyed the workshop, got a lot out of it and am looking forward so much to Margam Park

Roma Nichols Just wanted to say thank you very much for the Weekend Workshop in Shirley. I got a great deal out of the course and was grateful for the opportunity to practise my mediumship on so many people that I didn't know! 

I think you both created a fantastic balance between activities and assessing people's progress as well as guidance during the activities. The fact that you do so much feedback in terms of assessment is brilliant, and not something I've come across before.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. You are great ambassadors for spirit and have a dynamic approach which shakes off the some of the old superstitious crap surrounding spiritualism!! I've had a great weekend, and hope to see you both again soon. 

Dona Rad I know I have said this before but I can't stop raving about Debs.  She is the best.  I don't have my Skype session with her until the end of October but am thinking about doing their class when they come to Doylestown, Pa to Susan's. 
My mom just had a reading with Debs on Thursday.  Her name is Lois Radosky. She was absolutely amazed!  We both think Debs is the best!!  My parents even saw John Edward and say she is everything he is.  She was 100% on everything

Lyn Gibb I want to say a HUGE thank you to both of you for an amazing event. The feedback has been simply amazing. It has given The Celebration Centre (PENTICTON BC) what I hope has been a breath of fresh air in where it can grow to.  
The crowds were simply amazing in the numbers that came forth.. 

Jan Miles  Just wanted to thank you both sooooooo much for a fab weekend. I am totally knackered, but in a good way! it was a pleasure to meet you both and hope to see you again, where you'll push me to my limits!!!!  

Kay Gale Ok my lovelies’ wots occurring??Just to say THANK-YOU SO MUCH for probably the best course I've ever been to, on any subject!!
I'm shattered but exhilarated. The best part was there was no hocus pocus or bullshit, for which Spiritualistism is rife sadly.
Anyway hope to see you soon,
Love & Norstar
Kay xx 

Deana Tareshawty   thank you for a great class! I can't stop bragging about how wonderful you two were and how much I learned about myself and the processes. I really wish I had met you 4 years ago when I started opening up and doing message work. I feel that I would not have developed these bad habits and fear. You tell it like it is and I loved it!
Keep it up
Blessings to you

Nathan Hughes "Thank you to the both of you for all your hard work with us throughout the week. Gutted I had to leave a day early but I still got invaluable experience and knowledge from the time I was on the course. Very much enjoyed! Thank you Paul & Debs x x 

Margaret Bonas  You brought out something in me and my daughter we had tried to hide thinking we were just making things up. Thank you so much for your guidance, You are both awesome and help people see the best in themselves.
Thank you thank you
margaret and Clair 

Kim Philhower Batson Thanks again Deb and Paul that was an awesome weekend and I think our group was great at the Fellowship. 

Carolann EvansI would like to say , I really enjoyed myself at Margam park it was fantastic, looking forward to see you both. 
Ron  Hi Deb. I just wanted to send you a quick note so as to thank you again for this morning's reading. I've had a few readings with different psychics and mediums, but my time with you really hit home. Most of my previous readings had a real impact on me as I was able to start reconnecting with my dad but with yours I actually felt him talking directly to me. 

Deb I couldn't get home fast enough so as to be able to listen to the CD together with my wife. We both spent a good part of the time getting emotional as you passed on the messages from my dad. Deb I'll never forget my reading with you and will take the messages received so as to move forward in my life. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Ron

Annette Blann Subject: Church Service:   Bloody Hell Debs, it worked! :) Lol, the format just flowed, I was focused on that one person and on the second message I was in one area and it was like someone flicked my eyes to the red of the lady's blouse, ( Thanks Paul ) and yes it was for her, and the last one I did was so lovely as the lady’s mum came and it’s the anniversary of her passing today and her mums birthday on Thurs so she thanked me after and said it had meant so much to her, That’s what it’s about.

Cindy Grogan  Hey Debs and Paul -- just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing reading!!! Paul, you were spot on with sooooo much information. Even the tears you got with my mother: it was a running joke with the family about how easily she cried. I feel like I have some clarity on some very tricky issues in my life, so thank you thank you thank you.
Lots of love, Cindy

Julie Bennett
I absolutely enjoy your philosophies and views about no one being better than anyone else.  I truly hope that your work makes a difference in the world and the way that it is viewed within the churches.
Paul, working with you was truly an amazing experience. Thank you with your kind support, your energy, and your way of teaching for the first time I get it, I really get it!! 
Safe travels and all the best in all you do.
Thank you again, you really have helped me in more ways then you could know. I hope you keep doing what you are doing, forever!!!
Julie Bennett (CFSC Saturdays "Intensive Practical Mediumship" Workshop) 

Lorraine Thorne
"Just wanted to say Debs and Paul received my assessment CD today of Margam Park and I am well proud of what was said on the CD(Debs) and most of all I am very proud of what I have achieved thanks to you guys xxxx love and Light to you both xxxx"

Rosie Edser Thanks for a great weekend of tuition and enlightenment. Fabulous stuff, I've really benefited.  Do let me know what courses you put on, I'll certainly recommend you two to others. Best wishes, Rosie 

Mike Walker I wanted to say how much Al and I enjoyed the course on Saturday.We both learnt so much.

Sarah Watkins Wanted to say thank you to you and Paul for great day on Saturday really enjoyed it, learnt a lot and feel much more confident about doing it.

Connie Wake   aka BRILLIANT! Dear Paul and Debs, I did my first reading after taking your most wonderful workshop last weekend. Went in with my Format and new thought ware about keeping this real and simple, removing the limitations of previous teachings. It was one of my most evidential readings.  THANKS again for your work!

Amanda  I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised and loved your grounded attitude and teaching styles.

Carole Hallett  Just to thank you for a great day on Saturday, Elfryn and I really enjoyed the day and learnt so much. It confirmed so much for us both. You both help so many with your compassion and love
Love to you both
Carole xxx

Sharon Hughes I would like to say what a fantabulous week gr8 true friends and 2 very special spiritual people I’m honored to know and learn with, a truly unbelievable experience words can’t describe. (((((((hugs)))))) xxx 

Kath Logan  hi both, I must admit I am still on a high from our week at Margam, I would like to thank you both properly for a fantastic week away, you both worked so so hard building up our confidence and keeping us motivated with your humour and abundance of enthusiasm and energy!

Merita King Hi guys, many thanks for all the hard work you put into our 5 days at Margam. I know it did me a lot of good and look forward to continuing the forward momentum. Xxx

George Bailey  "What a wonderfull day today at Margam, I really enjoyed myself loved being pushed it was great many thanks Debs it was very nice to see you. looking forward to 15th January."

Vreny Zumbuhl  Once more, I wish you express my heartfelt Thank you to you for all your time and effort you have blessed us with in providing the workshops at the Calgary First Spiritualist Church. As a friend of mine, who also took the workshop with you Paul mentioned, the techniques which you shared with us and made us work so hard lol..:-) Liberated us. What I love is the directness and percise info.,which you taught us.Since your workshop, my mediumship has taken leaps and bounds. Louise our leader has implemented some of the exercises which we did with you, which is so exciting and fun too.

Nicky Griffiths Following the development day I did with you both last year, Paul suggested in his assessment that I should do tarot cards, but throw the instructions away and go with the flow. I gave this a lot of thought and decided that being a Virgo; I would struggle to do such a thing!  Anyway, I did feel that having something to work with would help me a lot and decided to learn to read feet instead – the idea being that I had something to hold while working!  I will be finishing my foot reading training at the end of November so really looking forward to doing some parties and mind, body, spirit events.  I want to thank Paul for leading me down this route, albeit in an indirect way.

Vreny Zumbuhl  You have no idea how excited I am that the Rees' are coming back so soon...Yeaaahhhh. I have been wondering where and how I could possibly attend their "Two day Speed training"class and here comes the answer. Thank you Donnie, Paul, Deb and the Universe for making this possible. See you in calgary  June 2011

My name is Lisa Dewald and I took your Mediumship course at The Fellowship at Lily Dale this past summer 2010, and I wanted to share with you a success.

In January I did my very first professional public demonstration of Mediumship.

I was as nervous as you can imagine, but I took great comfort in that. I remember you told us; that the day we stopping being nervous is the day we stop loving what we are doing  Once I got up there I did not care if I was right or wrong. I just gave what I got. I was able to make one good connection with a woman’s grandmother. I gave her the evidence and she could take all the things I was telling her.

Being up there in front of those people felt like the most perfect place in the world. I cannot remember a time in my life when I felt more sure. More confident of myself. Your class really took me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to finally stop being on the sidelines saying I am not ready yet…to getting up there and putting my full trust into Spirit and into myself.  

I wanted to take this moment and thank you both for being such great teachers. I have been blessed that Spirit has brought me many, many teachers and all have helped me become that more confidant and sure.

The other day I looked at my Wings of Achievement certificate and felt the pride wash over me. That was an amazingly hard and challenging weekend for me, and the success I enjoyed in the class was exactly what I needed, to have faith in myself to take that final step to get up there and do this for real. It was sort of a graduation for me. It proved to me that; I can do this. I just have to get up there and just do it! The only thing that was holding me back was myself.

Thank you both so much for the wings!

Margaret Bonas   With much respect and love,  Thank you for making it so easy to be with you all for the week I loved it. Kev is excited to come next year so I will be doing another course with you for sure.
I will be in Calgary when you are so if you need anything I am here.  :-))x 

Kelly  I just wanted to say thank you to Paul again for my reading today. I've never had anyone be that accurate, especially about who I am as a person and what I've experienced. I feel like I have the information I so desperately needed to make decisions I've been putting off. I just can't say enough and I'm so glad I had this reading.

On another note, I have decided to pursue my mediumship and am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you both. Even though I feel like I'm taking a leap of faith, I'm hopeful and excited! 

Lucia Lastella I was writing to tell you how much the both of you are changing my life.
You are putting me on the right path by providing "in-my-face proof" that humans can contact spirit.
I had an experience with you both, at the Spiritualist Church.
When I found out you were coming in June, I got a bunch of friends & family to sign up for readings.
I also got a bunch together (friends) so that you needed to open another course for the 4th & 5th of June.
Thank you. 
To sum this all up, I have decided that I will try to do what both of you do, as I saw greatness in you both.
You are very special to me, as you have really opened my eyes.  I know this is the path I was supposed to take.
I was going to take your course in England, based on the weekend here, but I have changed my mind & am going onto your site this evening to see if I can come over there this year.
Yes I know your philosophy is that everyone has these gifts & I agree, however.....not everyone shares them or is open to sharing them.
I thank you both for getting out there & doing it. God bless you both....big hugs & squeezes your way from me & all of the other people you are helping along our life path.

Donna - I have been to my fair share of psychics over the years but she is THE BEST!!!  I am so glad that you thought of Skype.  I didn't want to miss this but I just don't feel that great.  I swear I feel better now!!!  WOW!!  Deb said things that made so much sense and I can't wait to share them with my mom and a couple of my friends (not all of them are into this!) 
OMG - I can't say enough how awesome Deb was!!!!
Thank you!!

Tricia Hawks - I wanted to take a moment today and tell you that my reading with Paul Rees was amazing.  He was able to connect me with my dad and a few other members of my family that had passed on and through them; he was able to provide me with clarity and guidance with a personal relationship and career goals I am pursuing.  He is a kind, gentle soul and I feel like he provided me with what I needed to move forward. Thank you Paul & thanks Susan for bringing them to Doylestown.

Cindy Paulits This experience was indescribable. I have a greater, clearer understanding of my connection to Spirit and the mediumship process. Paul and Debs have a wonderful teaching style, very supportive and loving. They offer a fun but challenging class. It truly was rewarding on many levels and I found their lack of ritual refreshing and liberating!

Kianne Mcleod You have probably heard this millions of times before BUT........ I was at your evening at Shirley church and you were both AMAZING and highly entertaining...... The emotions in that church that Friday night reached everyone, you are very blessed xx

Kath Logan I must admit things have been going from strength to strength in regards to mediumship, I’m still amazed by the feedback I get from people on my wall. It just seems so surreal! I’ve had over 600 friend requests in the last 2weeks.. Its mad!! I’m sure spirits are trying to give me a hint! lol.

Mega busy with bookings, though I’m still not brave enough to do the large venues on my own!! Despite spirit putting the opportunities there.. noooo! With someone else as backup I don’t mind, but on my own petrifies me! lol. All in good time (my excuse!!), considering the first proper reading I did for a stranger was last September and over 2000 friends requests later and months of readings I can finally say I don’t mind them so much now!! At last!! lol..

Though I can still hear you Paul in my ear whenever I get nervous.. Drummed into me so I will never forget! I honestly can’t thank you both enough for your friendship and everything you have done to help me with my development, you most certainly helped my confidence.. You are such a lovely couple and make developing 'fun' it’s great!! Your encouragement and words of wisdom have stayed with me.. and I am genuinely thankful for your humor and belief you show everyone you teach.. it’s a rare quality within the spirit movement!

Deborah Dewitt  Hi You Two! Hope all is well on your end. Wanted to thank you for a great 2-days!!  Awesome workshop by a couple of AWESOME people!!  I am so glad that our paths have crossed! Love and light Deborah Dewitt

Kristi Peoples   Thank you both for a wonderful workshop in Boulder, Colorado a few weeks ago.Your teaching inspired and encouraged me to move forward in my practice, and I've since contacted two classmates and we'll be getting together to support each other going forward. Your style and directness gave me real incentive to move more boldly into my own work and to definitely stop dragging my feet! I so appreciate the work you do and your taking the time to remind us how important it is to nurture our own unique gifts.

VIBEKE SEYMOURI wanted to let u know how much I have thought about you since you left Denver. I very much enjoyed the seminar. The thing that stands out the most is the new Absolute belief for me that Spirit will show up for me, give me full names and I don't have to do all this prep and protection. The streamlining of the process with the Format and the Sheet of Symbols makes all the difference and my information is coming through clearer and clearer. I have even started to remember my dreams and they have messages.

Vrenny Zumbuhl:

Hello Debs & Paul,

 “ I have been working with spirit for a number of years. My big desire is always to expand my mediumistic and psychic abilities. Currently I am enrolled in the 18 month UMM certification program offered by my favorite tutors, Debs & Paul Rees of the Accolade Academy.

This program is fantastic. It offers a variety of assignments , which is totally my style. This assignments encourage and challenge me to bring more and deeper evidence and messages in form of feelings and emotions from Spirit visitor. In order to be able to reach this goal, I am allowing myself to heal aspects of my life, which in return enables the spirit to use all of my abilities.

I love the fact that UMM allows me to work at my own speed. I also appreciate  the idea of having this course spread out over 18 month. This gives me an opportunity to create my own pace and rhythm in terms of working and committing to the assignments. Also, the fact that the UMM program is customized to my own needs, is very unique and fantastic. It supports my own unique abilities to be the best that I can possibly be as a medium. Therefor I highly recommend the UMM Certification program”.

Spirit Medium Vreny Zumbuhl

Hope that the above will be helpful.

Wishing you a lovely Eastertime and chat soon

Many hugs


Accolade contact details Accolade USA Office
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Office 4
Pyle Enterprise Centre
Village farm road
Village farm Ind est
CF33 6BL