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Student of the Month – Kelly Penny – Bridgend South Wales


We are delighted to announce that out Student of the Month this month is the lovely Kelly Penny. Kelly has been coming to class now for just a few months and has started her UMM Home and Practical Studies Programme that will lead her into her Certification Program. Kelly was our Student of the Week in her first week at class (See photograph). Kelly has absolutely flown with her mediumship, she has worked so hard and has shown a confidence that I feel has even surprised herself! From the moment Kelly came to class and gave her first ever mediumistic contact we felt Kelly had finally found her place in life. It seemed that spirit had been waiting for her to come through the door and feel that Kelly too feels like she had ‘come home’.

Since that time Kelly has gone from strength to strength within her mediumship, which has become the focus of a career for her and we couldn’t be happier for her! Kelly’s life has not been an easy one and she has been through many major trials, yet she shows a determination to succeed despite the setbacks she has had to face and we believe it is this determination together with her passion for helping others and her mediumship that will take her far within her chosen field. Kelly is also a very busy lady being the mother of five beautiful children who are adorable, so we would like to say a massive ‘well done’ to Kelly. We are so proud of your courage and quality of work Kelly! You have been coming on in leaps and bounds within your mediumship in such a short time and your readings in and out of class are detailed and contain very good factual evidence. What we love also about you Kelly is you are so down to earth and have your feet firmly on the ground, with a wonderful personality that will serve you well within demonstrations when you are ready, which I feel, will be coming round the corner any minute! Congratulations Kelly you have worked hard and deserve to feel as proud of yourself as we do. Much love Debs x

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